Why Social Media makes me a better Realtor

When I got started writing Scottsdale-Blog.com I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. What I have discovered now is that my blog lead me to several other Social Media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and more. It also connected me to many, many other Realtors who were also writing blogs and Twittering.

What happened when I started my blog is I started paying closer attention to what would be useful or interesting to write about. I read the other blogs, listened with a new attentiveness to the continuing education classes I took, followed links on Twitter, and learned more about what was happening with real estate in my area and around the country.

I may not write every day, I may not have a huge following on my blog, I do have more knowledge than I had before and because of this I feel I am a much better Realtor today than I was before I came to Social Media.


  1. Hi Terri,

    I also love that once I write something for my blog, when a client asks me a question I already have the answer written out and I can quickly respond. I didn’t know if Blogging was a good fit for me at first, now I know it is an advantage to me and my clients.


  2. This post is great. A lot of times I find the info I write is for my own benefit (learning more). Great reason to write a blog! I love how you said it makes you more in tune in classes and other things. Isn’t that what makes us great Realtors when we can see with new eyes those things that would benefit our clients or even just those out in cyberspace.