The Camelback Walk

The Camelback Walk is a multi-use path that is available to anyone.  It meanders behind the communities, along the parks, golf courses, lakes and commercial areas.  It is one added bonus of living in McCormick Ranch.


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  1. Is this part of Scottsdale or is it maintained by McCormick Ranch? I tried to find a map of it but I cannot. The trail is awesome though, we bike and run on it a lot, but never found the start/end of it.

  2. Hello John,

    Thank you for asking for more information about the Camelback walk. It is a multi use path winding thru Scottsdale from about Shea Blvd down to Tempe Town Park.

    When McCormick Ranch was developed, the engineers made consideration for a 100 year flood, and set up the natural wash areas with golf courses lakes and parks. The Walk runs along the wash area, behind the communities, under the roads, and along the golf courses.

    I believe the video shares all of that information…

    The Communities in McCormick Ranch, many of them have homes that back up to the park area, golf course or lakes. Many communities, even if they are not right on the path, have walkways brining you to the Camelback Walk. The Walk allows for you to cycle, roller blade, walk, run – but no motorized vehicles are allowed.

    I am not sure what additional information you are looking for. Please, let me know if I can be of further help.


  3. Can you please provide more details on this.