Text Google rather than call 411

This one gets a thank you to Amy Chorew of Real Estate 2.0 and Mathew Rathbun of VARbuzz. Check out Mathews post for images and greater detail.

The tip, and why it is so great.  Last week I called 411, from my cell, got transferred to the wrong number; called 411 again.  With this tip, no 411 fees, and always get the right info.

Go to your text message server on your phone.  Open a new message, in the “To” box type Google, or 466453 then for your message, enter the name of the business, if it is common like Starbucks, also enter a zip code and press send.  A few seconds later you get phone number, address etc. of the closest busiesses.

Very cool and very easy.  Add Google as a contact and it will always be easy to remember.

Have a great day,