A beautiful view of the Sunset – I’ll pass

With spring in the air, in Scottsdale Arizona summer is around the corner.  With that comes our warm ok hot summer days.

If you are lucky enough to live in the mountains, or in a cooler local during July and August, then ignore what I am about to say.  If you are like me, living here in Arizona all year round, then listen up.

The beautiful sunsets are not your friend.  The way most of the homes are designed here are with the living area, and master bedroom to the back of the house.  If the back yard faces to the setting sun (west) you are not going to enjoy your back yard in the heat of the summer.  In fact, you will most likely do everything in your power to block the sun (and your view) to reduce the heat.

Homes with west back yards have much higher cooling bills during those summer months.

So what direction should you be looking to have your home face?  The first preferred direction is to have the back of your home face South, getting the sun in the winter months and the shade in the summer.   Our MLS even has an identifying feature of North/South.

Some people love an east facing home, so they have a shady back yard and they enjoy the outdoors in the afternoons.  An east facing home, will still have rooms facing west, and those will be hotter than the remainder of the home.

So when considering a home consider your enjoyment, are you looking to live there seasonally, then south or west is perfect, enjoy the sunsets!  If you are going to live in the home year round, then north, south or east is the way to go!