Does Solar Add Value To Your Home?

Yes, No, Maybe

My favorite answer. Frustrating at times but it is true.

Let’s dig down…

Leasing Solar- No

If you are leasing a solar system you don’t own it so it is not adding value to the home.  Even if the solar lease has been pre-paid. The savings you may see on utilities is a bonus to the resident.  But the solar panels when leased do not add value.

Purchased Solar – Yes and Maybe

If you own the solar, it does add value to the home.  You own it and it conveys with the property.  YEAH!

If you purchase Solar and pay the solar off up front, most definitely the solar adds value to your home.  If you paid $30,000 for your solar, don’t expect to get $30,000 back in value.  Remember you also got about 10% back in tax credits, reducing what your out of pocket really was to around $20,000.  Depending on the age of the system, and the KW production of the system the value added will be something around or more likely below the $20,000.

If you purchased Solar with a loan, and you are still paying on that loan, the value added is different.  Like above, you still received your tax credits and may have used them to reduce the loan balance, also reducing your payment.  That is delightful on your wallet, especially over time.  Until you have paid down the loan, and have more equity in the system, the value it gives your home is significantly less.  And as the system ages your equity increases… you are not likely to reach the same value given to the homeowner who pays for the system up front until the loan has been paid off.

See, Yes, No, Maybe

If you are considering Solar, give me a call I am happy to share my knowledge with you.

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Get your XP while they last

Dell, and have been busy migrating, making sure things are working and cleaning up files.  Phew, glad I am mostly complete with that task!

While choosing what direction to take, one of the sales persons let me know that Windows XP would not be being sold in a couple of months.  Since so many programs still have issues with Vista, I choose to jump on getting my XP’s while they lasted.  Many of the programs I use daily are not compatable with Vista.  I know everyone has their favorites, I am looking forward to shifting over to Mac one of these days, just not today.  So if you are considering getting a computer soon, and would prefer to keep XP then consider taking action sooner rather than later.

Text Google rather than call 411

This one gets a thank you to Amy Chorew of Real Estate 2.0 and Mathew Rathbun of VARbuzz. Check out Mathews post for images and greater detail.

The tip, and why it is so great.  Last week I called 411, from my cell, got transferred to the wrong number; called 411 again.  With this tip, no 411 fees, and always get the right info.

Go to your text message server on your phone.  Open a new message, in the “To” box type Google, or 466453 then for your message, enter the name of the business, if it is common like Starbucks, also enter a zip code and press send.  A few seconds later you get phone number, address etc. of the closest busiesses.

Very cool and very easy.  Add Google as a contact and it will always be easy to remember.

Have a great day,