Remodeling in McCormick Ranch

All of this talk of construction methods comes from me as I am remodeling my second bedroom in my McCormick Ranch town home.  This room is the west room, upstairs above the garage; so no chance of planting a tree and getting a spot of shade on that wall. 

The room has been HOT in the summer and COLD in the winter.  It boasts a single pane glass window and single pane glass sliding door, and an assumption on our part that the insulation was missing in the walls.

Our plan, remove the wall board, replace the windows with Low-E,  and replace the sliding door with a dual pane French door, and insulate the walls to the max!

Here goes our transformation!

Remodeling? Just remodeled? Check out the Tax Credits!

Almost all of the homes in McCormick Ranch are built about 25 plus years ago.  For most people that means updating is due.  Some of the homes have had updating and remodeling completed already.  Others are original condition.  When considering a home in McCormick Ranch, think about which you would like.  The Remodeled, or Original condition. 

Both conditions offer positives, the remodeled, means you just move in and get living.  For many people that is the way to go, life is just too busy already to add in the chaos of  doing a remodel.  If you like to pick out all of your décor, then an original condition will be perfect for you. 

Something to consider, is the energy efficiency of the remodeling that has been done, or is still to be done.  Many of the homes have single pane glass windows,  if there is an older AC unit still in the property, what do you replace it with.  Here is the EnergyStar site to check on what products offer tax credits.  Here are a few more sites to check out as well.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005
Consumers Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 
Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency
Federal Tax Credit Chart