New Coffee Shop in Town!

A good friend of mine, Steve Belt,  recently opened up a coffee shop here in Scottsdale.  Echo Coffee.  At Echo, they roast their own beans, serve organic goodies for breakfast and healthy lunches too.

I was surprised to find they have different roast, depending on the type of coffee drink you order.  The latte’s for example have a sweeter roast than the drip roast…

scottsdale coffee Echo coffee

and Drip!  They are serious about drip coffee.  Each cup is individually made and taste – YUM, this is what coffee is supposed to taste like.  So be sure to drop in while visiting Scottsdale.  They are located on Thomas and 68th, just south of old town and the Valley Ho.

echo coffee drip line up

A great Race in Old Town Scottsdale

It was a great day in Old Town Scottsdale for a bike race. That’s my sweetie in the front of the pack. The temps were perfect, it was delightful sitting outside Fine’s Cellar in the shade and watch the racers fly by. The course was fast and demanding and the racers had a great day. Good news, no injuries. I like that! This was the second annual Cyclo de Mayo , a big thanks to Scott Delaune who worked so very hard putting this race on the past 2 years.

Cyclo de Mayo – Bicycle Race in downtown Scottsdale

My husband is a dedicated cyclist. You know, they guys out riding, even in the summer when it is over 110. He belongs to a team, Procon and this weekend they are having the second annual Cyclo de Mayo . It is a crit, meaning they ride multiple laps along the course. They will be in Old Town Scottsdale, riding a 1/2 mile course, with groups heading out to ride from 7am to 5pm. There will be a Kids Zone, with "moonbounce", Bike Rodeo, and Pinata party. Come out to join the riders, or watch the excitement. (these guys get moving, about 35mph on a bike). Register to ride with .

Scottsdale Downtown Trolly

      Where do you begin?  When planning a trip, or if you have family and friends visiting, what do you do?  A great place to begin is the Scottsdale Downtown Trolley. It runs daily from 11am to 9pm with a couple of holidays when they do not run.  It is a great way to see Old Town Scottsdale, and get around as well.

       Be sure to take time to wander thru the shops and Galleries, and bring your apatite, because there are oodles of great restaurants all over!