Why use your Realtors preferred lender?

The short answer: All lenders are not the same.

I recently completed a transaction where the lender was one my client had been working with. I respect the relationships that are built between LO (loan officer) and buyer. My client had been working with this LO building her credit back up and getting to the savings goals she needed to purchase a home.

As we started he promptly emailed me the LSR (Loan Status Report) a document that is included with every offer filled out by both the LO and the buyer. Soon after we were in contract, all going smoothly…. Everything was great.

Till it wasn’t. The LO was never available to answer his phone, he didn’t respond to his email. I finally had to call his office and get connected with his loan processor. The file had been in underwriting for over a week, we had been told we would get the file back in 48 hrs. I had no idea what the delay was. And with no communication, I was fearful of the worst. The selling agent was anxious too. We were supposed to close in just a few days, and I couldn’t get the lender to communicate!

When he did communicate, he assured me that the file would be out of underwriting that afternoon…. But it wasn’t and not the next day or the next… once the file did come out of underwriting it was to be just 48hrs till the documents would be at the title office for signing, and funds were to be sent at the same time as the docs so there would be no delay. It took almost another week to get the docs, and the funds were delayed beyond that.
Thank goodness the seller was patient. We extended the contract again, and again, again and finally closed.

It takes a team to purchase and close on a home. Each person is needed to do their part, working hard behind the scenes to make the transactions move along smoothly. If there is one member of the team not holding up their part, it makes the whole transaction stressful for everyone.

Communication is key, I don’t care if you prefer to communicate via phone, email, text or any other form as long as you communicate.

In this instance the buyer had her belongings packed in a truck and had fully moved out of her previous home, and had to stay with friends as she was homeless during the delays.