Keeping it clean

My brother lives in Alaska, a big difference from Arizona.  (we only visit him in August!) He has come out this way a few times, in January of course

.  His observation was that we sure do have clean cars in these parts.  He is right.  With average rainfall in Arizona at under 8 inches a year, we don’t exactly have to be worried about cleaning of the mud and muck.  We Arizonians do like our pretty cars.  Most full service car washes even come with a guarantee.  Two days, if it rains bring it back and get the outside washed for free at Arizona Auto Wash.  Be sure to print off your coupons before you head out and sign up on their contact page to get a free wash on your Birthday.  Lets keep it clean!  

 100_0923 (that’s my CRV getting all shiny)

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