A great company to work with for Auto Glass Replace or Repair

Arizona has a high level of auto glass repair. Much of our landscaping is done with gravel, even on the highways. One rock in the road can quickly chip and or crack your windshield. So make sure your insurance covers repair and replacement.

The insurance rule of thumb I have discovered is: if a crack is smaller than a dollar bill it can be repaired. If the crack is in line with the drivers view, the windshield gets replaced, as it is a safety hazard.

I recently had my windshield replaced. I started by calling my insurance company USAA and asked who in my area they would prefer I use. Their preferred vendor was Safelite Auto Glass. Later I called Safelite and set an appointment. (I could have done it direct thru my insurance company but a phone call interrupted and I had to call back) They took all my information and got my email so they could send the confirmation. Nothing out of the ordinary there…

Safelite Email

Safelite Email

A bit later I received another email with the technician’s name and photo. I was super impressed, since they were replacing the windshield at my home, I now would know exactly who was expected at my door. He also called prior to arriving, letting me know a more precise time for his arrival.

It is an amazing way to inspire confidence and comfort with using their company.