Surprises at Sun City West

After picking up the key for a client at their new home in Sun City West, I headed over to the R.H. Johnson Recreation Center to take some photos.  The R.H. Johnson Rec Center is the largest facility in Sun City West and I was amazed to see how much there is available.

Sun City West_021Each ‘room’ was devoted to one club/craft/interest and they were VERY well set up.  The Weavers Guild had several different types of looms, and knowledgeable people to help anyone interested get started weaving.   There was a room for the Pottery makers with kilns, wheels and more.  Sewing rooms with really high tech machines.  Metal working rooms loaded with all you need to make beautiful jewelry.  I was amazed at the diversity in creative opportunities that were waiting to be explored.

Sun City West_115I realize now that any time I have a client interested in Sun City West, the spot I will be taking them is to the Gift Shop.  The Gift Shop has only items made by the residents of Sun City West in all of their clubs and groups.  It is the fastest way to show someone all the things people are doing in this Very Active Adult Community.  (check out the jewelry counters, beautiful hand made items at a fraction of the cost)

So if your either looking for a community where you will never get board, or looking for the perfect gift, Sun City West and their Gift Shop are must see locations.