Spell Check is my friend

Yes, it is true. Spell Check is my friend.

As I grew up, my parents thought I was a bit of a slow learner. We found out in 7th grade, I had a challenge with Dyslexia. Thank goodness my parents were in a position to get me further tested, and I went to a small school that taught me how to compensate for my learning disability.

Years go by, technology improves (thank goodness) and spell check has become my best friend. I love to use the web browsers of Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox as they have spell check built in.

Yesterday, I posted a blog, with spelling errors in the title. (the title doesn’t get spell checked – bummer)  I know I have great friends, many of you sent me an email, or DM thru Twitter to let me know. I have the best friends.



  1. Hey if it wasn’t for my dear Blogging friends that keep an eye on me and share with me all my typos, I would be in a world of hurt!
    What’s really entertaining for me is, I often reread my emails I send to make sure I have not missed anything or made my point. Ironically, after I’ve sent it off it’s too late. But most of the time there are complete words missing! Never fails, I think my brain works way faster than my fingers can type and must think I’ve typed it already.
    No way to retrieve the email back after send, but I hear they are working on that in some browsers! Funny post my friend! Hey how is Pheonix, Phenoix, Fhenix spelled anyway?

  2. Download Windows Live Writer. It is a GLORIOUS creation.