Mom Pimped her Ride

My mom, Claudina, belongs to a group called Sisters on the Fly, it is a group of women only who have pull behind trailers that head out of town to have fun and get away. Be sure to check out their Photo Gallery  to see the fun these ladies have!  


Most of the trailers are antique, painted up, and decorated to the hilt.   Mom’s is newer, and until now has been rather plain jane.  

Plain Jane no more!


My Oasis

My Oasis 130

The “Sisters” also known as the Cowgirl Caravan as they drive down the freeway together, have been featured in the Arizona Highyways Magazine, The Travel Channel and lots of other places.


Jason doing his magic

Jason doing his magic

A big thank you goes out to Jason Prenovost at AZ Pro Signs in Avondale for the great job in the design and application.  It looks fantastic and it’s going to have mom enjoying her semi-retirement in style.


  1. Wow – that is so cool! I have never heard of this group – what an awesome idea. And great artwork, too!

  2. Go, Claudina! I love the new look, especially the pink flamingo.

  3. That is awesome! Especially the pink flamingo. Tom thinks Claudina put that on just for him.

  4. How cute! If I ever see were to see that drive past me it would surely smile.