Mighty Mud Mania

I missed it.  I forgot to add it to my calendar and totally missed the Might Mud Mania in Chaparral Park.  The event initially was created by "Shout It Out" stain remover.  When the Arizona mud was too much for the spot remover, SC Johnson who makes Shout, never returned.  The City of Scottsdale found the event to be very successful and incorporated it into their summer activity program. The event is for the kids, but looks like the adults are having just as much fun. 


  1. What an amazing place for kids! The southern California kids are missing out! Somebody jump on this idea!!

  2. Awesome! Isn’t that what all kids really want to do? Get sloppin’ wet playing in the mud?! Those were some great photos. We had a similar event here in St. Louis years ago, I remember. I didn’t attend, but the photos used to be in the newspaper. Fun stuff!

  3. Whoa – is this for real???!!