Insurance and your personal belongings

You have just moved in, or maybe your just getting ready to move. Do you have a good documentation of your belongings.  A natural disaster could happen at any time. Or theft, fire and other catastrophes in your life and your home.  How do you protect yourself?  Insurance, for starters.  And digital photography for another. 

You will want to have documentation of everything you own.  Remembering what was in the cupboard is a lot easier with a photo. Take the time to photo and document every drawer, cabinet, closet and surface.  Especially the high value items.  With the photos there is no dispute about what items you have. 

Take your digital camera, and go snap happy.  Most digital cameras have a movie setting, be sure to use the movie setting to identify your more valuable items with audio as well.

Once you have it all together, burn a couple of CD’s.  Keep one at home, and keep another in a safe deposit bank, or with a family member in another part of the country.

Hopefully nothing will ever happen to you and your home, but if it does, this record will be a blessing.


  1. Yes, thanks for the reminder – I really need to do this. Like Caroline, I did this before, too… but then we moved about a year ago and I still haven’t gotten around to it!

  2. That is a great idea. I did this once before a move, but it makes sense to do it again for insurance purposes. Thanks for the reminder!