Your Mental Health and Where You Live

Today there was a great piece done on the Today Show about how to prevent Alzheimers. Surprisingly it may not be just your genetics but other environmental factors.  The food you eat, your activity level, the stress you experience, and how social you are.

The modern lifestyle may make you miss something else that keeps the brain sharp: Enjoying the company of other people. Your ancestors never had to try to be social, it just came with the territory — they’d just bump into others all the time in the village and talk, he pointed out. So one of the most powerful things people can do is to move to an area with sidewalks, bike lanes and nearby shops so they’re more likely to meet their neighbors and make friends.

Location, Location, Location

Still the most important thing about real estate.  When it comes to your mental well being, have a community where you can easily make and see your friends daily.  Like an Active Adult Community!

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Pickle Ball? Pickleball? Pick el ball?

What is Pickleball?

At last I found out!  Pickleball is a combination of tennis, badminton and ping pong!

The court is a badminton size, can be on an indoor  basketball type surface, or an outdoor tennis court surface.  The paddle is wooden and slightly larger than a ping pong paddle the ball is a plastic base ball with holes in it!

The game is played with rules all it’s own with underhand serves, a no-volley zone, and an enthusiasm equaling the Wimbledon players.

All of the courts I have seen so far are in the 55+ Active Adult Communities.

In fact, Surprise was just the host for this year’s  Canyon State Championship games.

The sport attracts tennis players who have done in their knees or elbows with its’  no-volley zone and other rules making it a game of precision and patience instead of strength and endurance.   Might even be a sport for non-athletic types.