A New Year a New Blog

I haven’t been very busy writing recently.  I have discovered it is easier to run down one path rather than two or three  🙂

There are some new changes happening here.  A new look, and it is no longer Scottsdale-Blog but rather AZActiveAdult.com – My area of expertise is the Active Adult Communities around the valley, and helping people find the best community for their interests, lifestyle and budget.

Look for lots of information on the different 55+ communities around the valley.

I have been busy taking photos of many of the communities, and have been getting to know them even better.  So you will get to see and learn more than ever before about the communities, the activities and the people.

So keep a lookout for all the new changes!

Why Social Media makes me a better Realtor

When I got started writing Scottsdale-Blog.com I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. What I have discovered now is that my blog lead me to several other Social Media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and more. It also connected me to many, many other Realtors who were also writing blogs and Twittering.

What happened when I started my blog is I started paying closer attention to what would be useful or interesting to write about. I read the other blogs, listened with a new attentiveness to the continuing education classes I took, followed links on Twitter, and learned more about what was happening with real estate in my area and around the country.

I may not write every day, I may not have a huge following on my blog, I do have more knowledge than I had before and because of this I feel I am a much better Realtor today than I was before I came to Social Media.

Merry Chirstmas

Wishing you the very best this Holiday Season,

From our family to yours
Merry Christmas

Welcome Back Irene

Yes, I am back…

I have been absent for months.  I am painfully aware of the fact.  As I sit down today, I asked myself, ‘Should I just ignore the laps? or address it?’  I’m going for addressing it.

In the past many months, I have been fighting a bit of anemia, and not having enough hours and energy in the waking day.  So clients come first, blogging comes somewhere down the list.  That is my poor excuse for not posting. 

I am doing much better, took care of the cause, and am feeling more and more energetic every day.  So what is ahead?  Me getting to my computer and writing for sure.  Also look for additional pages with information on the patio/town homes of McCormick Ranch.  I will be doing posts one each of these communities in the coming weeks and months.

Wild Kingdom update in McCormick Ranch

Yesterday we had fun with the Badger.  

In the afternoon I got a call back from Critter Control.  They didn’t belive that we had a badger.  And in McCormick Ranch, impossible…

They asked for proof and I sent them to my blog to see the photos.  No doubting us, a badger is what we had.  They were speechless.  In 17+ years of doing critter control in the valley they have never had a confirmed badger report.  They once had a call from someone in Buckeye, but could not confirm it, as they didn’t trap it.  

So a badger is rare in populated areas.  Almost unheard of.  

That is good to know.  Today, someone checked the last known location of our little friend.  He has moved on.  Hopefuly to a more rural area, or out to the desert even better.

A Badger in McCormick Ranch

I get asked about critters, what will people expect to find when they move to Arizona.  When I let them know that even in the heart of Scottsdale’s McCormick Ranch they can still expect to see an occasional coyote, javalina, hawks and owls.  People are surprised!  They were thinking along the lines of bugs, snakes, scorpions.  I haven’t seen any snakes or scorpions in the area,  that doesn’t mean they aren’t there, just that I haven’t seen them.  

Today I got the surprise when a BADGER found it’s way to my front courtyard got trapped and ‘dug in’ literally.  


Badger behind the pot by front door

Badger behind the pot by front door

This ferocious critter dug a hole VERY quickly righ next to our front door.  I believe it felt trapped, and found a spot to defend itself.  

Not sure if it was still there…. we took the hose from the balcony of the upstairs office and flooded it out.  

It was there! and not very happy with us.


Wet badger leaving our front patio

Wet badger leaving our front patio



From the safety of the roof and upper deck, we hosed down the little guy and chased him out the patio and then blocked it off so he wouldn’t return.


Badger headed to the neighbors

Badger headed to the neighbors

He headed off and made another hole in the neighbor’s front courtyard.  They are out of state for the summer.  So that gives us a bit of time to get Animal control to get out here.  

Till then, I am headed out with notices for the neighborhood to be on the lookout for a Badger and do not approach – those are mean buggers!

Spell Check is my friend

Yes, it is true. Spell Check is my friend.

As I grew up, my parents thought I was a bit of a slow learner. We found out in 7th grade, I had a challenge with Dyslexia. Thank goodness my parents were in a position to get me further tested, and I went to a small school that taught me how to compensate for my learning disability.

Years go by, technology improves (thank goodness) and spell check has become my best friend. I love to use the web browsers of Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox as they have spell check built in.

Yesterday, I posted a blog, with spelling errors in the title. (the title doesn’t get spell checked – bummer)  I know I have great friends, many of you sent me an email, or DM thru Twitter to let me know. I have the best friends.


Mom Pimped her Ride

My mom, Claudina, belongs to a group called Sisters on the Fly, it is a group of women only who have pull behind trailers that head out of town to have fun and get away. Be sure to check out their Photo Gallery  to see the fun these ladies have!  


Most of the trailers are antique, painted up, and decorated to the hilt.   Mom’s is newer, and until now has been rather plain jane.  

Plain Jane no more!


My Oasis

My Oasis 130

The “Sisters” also known as the Cowgirl Caravan as they drive down the freeway together, have been featured in the Arizona Highyways Magazine, The Travel Channel and lots of other places.


Jason doing his magic

Jason doing his magic

A big thank you goes out to Jason Prenovost at AZ Pro Signs in Avondale for the great job in the design and application.  It looks fantastic and it’s going to have mom enjoying her semi-retirement in style.

Getting focused

I started this month/year off with working on getting The Coach Depot prepped for launch.  The Coach Depot is an athletic directory connecting coaches and athletes, in the disciplines of Swimming, Cycling, Running, and Multi-sport fields.  Cycling is my husbands passion, and the business is a dream of his that has taken over a year to go live.  We will be launching fully in February sometime if all goes well. 

So my time was diverted from real estate and blogging to the new site. Then I got sick, and that took 2 weeks of sleep to get back on track. 

So here I am, a month into the year, and just getting back focused on my blog.  I suppose life goes on with or without me and my ramblings…

Happy New Year

We are wishing you Peace, Love and Joy this New Year

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