Arizona Construction or “How we do it here”


Arizona Home under construction

Arizona Home under construction

There are different construction standards across the US.  What consists of a standard in one area would be a poor choice in another.


An example:  In the north, the front door of your home opens inward.  This is building code.  The reason is a safety standard.  Just a small amount of snow would block the door trapping people in the home with no way out.  Head down to Florida, and building code has the door opening outward.  Again this is for safety.  Florida and other coastal cities in the south get hit with some mighty big storms and wind (hurricanes).  Having the front door open outward secures the home and keeps the door from blowing in during a storm. 

Arizona construction fits Arizona.  Over the next few posts I am going to explore some of the differences in “How we do it here”.


  1. Mark Joplin says

    I am a mortgage broker in San Diego California. I have a client who wants to buy an adobe built home located in the East County of San Diego. This type of property is considered a unique type of property and as such there aren’t any “comps” to help obtain a conventional loan. Do you have the names of any Adobe Construction/Builders who offer in house financing I could contact? Or do you have any other ideas?