A/C problems, possible quick fix

As if not getting much sleep with a new puppy was enough of a challenge, this past week our upstairs air conditioning unit stopped working as well.  No big challenge we thought, since we still have cool air downstairs, we will just sleep on the floor and the couch.  Wow, talk about no sleep.   We got the air conditioning repair folks out there first thing the next morning.

Our unit would blow air with the fan, but it was not turning on the compressor to cool, or even to heat.  The repair company came out, walked up to the thermostat popped the cover off, and as I looked on to my amazement, there were batteries in the thermostat, and we had never changed them.  Didn’t even know they were there.

Long and short of it, those were some pricey AA batteries.  So before calling your A/C repair folks, replace the batteries in your thermostat.  And get a great night sleep.

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