A great Race in Old Town Scottsdale

It was a great day in Old Town Scottsdale for a bike race. That’s my sweetie in the front of the pack. The temps were perfect, it was delightful sitting outside Fine’s Cellar in the shade and watch the racers fly by. The course was fast and demanding and the racers had a great day. Good news, no injuries. I like that! This was the second annual Cyclo de Mayo , a big thanks to Scott Delaune who worked so very hard putting this race on the past 2 years.


  1. Hi John,

    My Husband is a cyclist, in fact, he is the lead cyclist in the photo. One of the races his team has put on for several years is the Cyclo de Mayo. It takes place on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, hence the play on words, and is a Crit, or Criterion race, where riders do laps on a course ranging from 1 mile to about 5 miles. They race based on their age, and racing level as well as other classifications. It was a fun race for the racers and the spectators. Check out http://www.proconcyclingaz.com/ for their race schedule, and Training rides.

  2. Can you please provide more details on this.