Cell Phones

Since it is our season, we have everyone here in town, all of our snow birds and year round residence.  I have noticed a few of my neighbors standing in the front drive, talking on their cell phones.  When I asked why, they let me know the phone didn’t work in the house.  Ah Yes, I remember that.  There is something about my neighborhood, the flat roofs with lots of foam maybe, building materials, something blocks the cell signals.  I started with Sprint, that didn’t work, then had a contract with Verizon, that didn’t work any better.  I thought it may be just my phone, and that I needed to get a better one.  But my husband had the same phone, different carrier, and his worked just find in the house.  So now, I have Alltel, and the running outside of the house every time the phone rings is a thing of the past.  So if your looking for a carrier, consider Alltel they have the best service I have had here in the Valley.