"The Cat House"… or when a good home goes bad

Posted by Claudina:

cat house I purchased a home a few years ago that had a lot of cats living in it. I felt like I stole it the price was so low and I bought it “as is” with intention of doing a total remodel..    I have never owned a cat so I figured, no problem, tear out the carpets and use a little Clorox on the cement under it and we will be ready to go.   Not so.  The cats had sprayed, not just piddled.  I didn’t know about cats spraying.  They can spray up to 3 ft high.   We tried scrubbing it down with Clorox…pool strength, we tried a magic ozone light, we tried every remedy suggested to us by our many helpful friends.  They called it “The Cat House”

What did we do?  Finally we tore out every single piece of wood trim, the door frames & baseboards, the cabinets , windowsills and even the doors.  We then cut the wallboard off at the 4 ft mark, everywhere!!.  We removed the insulation from the outside walls, washed the 2x4s  with all sorts of deodorizing stuff.  Mostly more Clorox, my cure all for smells.  Eventually  we ended up spraying many gallons of Kilz, my second step cure, on the 2 x 4s and in the spaces, put in new insulation and  new wallboard. I got pretty good with tape, and  a trowel that year.   Even the electric outlets had to be changed they were all so corroded.  We then tiled every square inch of the floors.  Oh, we had to pull all the insulation out of the attic crawl space and replace all the ducting for the a/c!  The little rascals had played up there too and ripped the ducts to shreds.  For as long as I lived in that house when the humidity got high I swore I smelled cat urine.  I did get even with the other agent, I got him to appear and pick up the cat urine soaked seller in his new Mercedes to go to the closing.  He had refused to even step into the house after the listing was signed. I did my walk thru and he waited outside.  He had to get it detailed after taking the seller for that ride  and  he reminded me of it every time we crossed paths.