Inspections and the “as is” addendum

There are lots of homes out there being sold “as is’.  With all of the foreclosures, short sales, and vacant homes where there is either no one, or no money to put into repairs, the houses are requiring an “as is” addendum added to the purchase contract.  One of the first questions I get is “Do we get to do any inspections?” YES.  The “as is” addendum is letting the buyer know up front that the seller is not in a position to do any repairs.  So what you find in your inspection process allows for you to consider moving forward or canceling the contract. 

Lots of those vacant homes have no power on as we are looking thru them.  Where carrying a flashlight was a safety item in my car, now it is a standard home showing addition.  I feel like one of those CSI’s wandering thru the crime scene, my eyes following the beam of light looking for clues. I digress…  The concern in homes without power on is also inspections.  “How do we inspect with no power?”  Great question.  Once we are in contract, we get he power turned in.  Many times the power is on, just turned off at the breakers, and the water is turned off at the house.  Gas is another issue.  It is almost always off.  There must be someone present when the gas is turned on, so the Gas Man can check for leaks, and get the pilot lites all lit correctly.

Because of these issues,  we (my mom ,my partner and  I) suggest doing a 15 day inspection  rather than the standard 10 days.  This gives us time to get the power, water and gas on.(can take a couple of days)  And gives you time to fully inspect.  The normal process is to have the home inspector and termite people come out, usually the same time,  Then if the home inspector finds anything requiring a more detailed look, there is enough time to get other trade specialist in to determine condition and cost of repair.  The home inspector only identifies issues needing care or maintenance not cost of repair.  Allowing for you the buyer to make the most informed choice about your new home as possible.