JP Pancakes

This morning I had breakfast at one of my favorite McCormick Ranch breakfast spots; JP Pancakes. Located in the Mountain View shopping plaza on the south east corner of Mountain View and Hayden Rd. It is a tiny spot, only 11 tables, and if you are looking to get in and out fast on a Sunday morning be there before 9am or plan on waiting. (the wait is worth it!) It is a no frills place, no fancy linens, just good food. The menu is not huge, and they only serve breakfast. A favorite of my family’s is the baked pancake, at least I think that is what they call it. I get the Banana Pecan. It is a cross between a pancake and a souffle. (yummy) It takes about 20 min to cook, so don’t dawdle when putting your order in, the coffee flows while you wait so bring good company and prepare to feast. If there are too many people ahead of you on the wait list, place your order and take it to go. Yup, breakfast to go. If you live too far just take the feast over to Mountain View Park, and have a picnic.